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March 4, 2016
Higher fees for skilled workers will turn them away from SVG

Editor: “Labour loves you”, unless of course you want to work here. The PM admitted in Parliament that there is a dearth of skilled workers in many sectors (skilled workers here have emigrated to seek employment elsewhere) and this acts as a detriment to foreign investors who will find no readily available skilled local workers for immediate employment.{{more}}

If you are a skilled worker seeking to immigrate to St Vincent, depending on where you are coming from, all licences have been increased dramatically. Unless you have a firm job offer, this is no place for a skilled worker to look to come for work. If you are a foreigner and want to live here, or buy property here, or do business here, the costs have accelerated. Hey, that makes this a place I want to move to and open a business!

I would love to come to St Vincent to open a business where tourism is declining and skilled workers are emigrating and educated families are moving out, taking their children with them, thus decreasing the enrollment in the public schools. Hey, that’s the kind of country I want to invest big money in, and buy property in, and create a new business in, and bring my employees to (some of whom are gay, and will be ostracized, if not prosecuted). Yeah? Really?