Our Readers' Opinions
February 12, 2016
Like Mustique, we will soon need permission just to visit Canouan

Editor: Why is every disagreement with the current regime always branded political? It is an insult to the intellect of residents truly concerned about losing a guaranteed form of relaxation and exercise. It is also a flagrant attempt by the powers that be to camouflage opposing views.{{more}} Of course, the issue will involve emotions, for yet again we lose some more of our local rights to the mighty dollar. Interestingly, the tangible benefits from these investments don’t seem to make it to the ones who most suffer the loss. Mr Bynoe states that in 20 years, residents of Canouan still can only get jobs in housekeeping. If true, one must wonder how much interest is there really in aiding and developing both the island and its human capital.

Commander Robin states “that like in Mustique persons must call first to gain access to the beach.” Like Mustique, we will soon need permission just to visit, as well.

Sharon Haynes