Our Readers' Opinions
February 9, 2016
A country of corruption

Editor: I am not here questioning the intelligence of any of the current Government’s Ministers, only their qualification and competence to exercise the responsibilities of their current appointments.

This country lives in a small Petri dish, with only limited competencies available. The top leaders of the most important and vital aspects of our economy, education, culture, infrastructure, and society at large are the Government Ministers.{{more}} Too many held the same position in the previous administration, and now look at their performance records. Do they inspire confidence or even hope? Several failed miserably at previous appointments and had to be shuffled and reassigned multiple times (Montgomery Daniel foremost, but others as well); others are figureheads with the real responsibility being assigned elsewhere (McKie in Tourism, for example with Beache having the authority); while others are simple patronage positions (Dad gives this and that to his son, and apportions other ministries to proven lackeys).

This is the picture of your Government today; you chose it; how do you feel about it? About foreign journalists being detained and told by the police not to criticize the ULP party? About arrests and detentions of peaceful protesters, while similarly acting ULP adherents (firearms infractions) are left unmolested; about 15 years of deceit, lies, incompetence, corruption and a total failure to perform in agricultural revitalization, fisheries advancement, tourism improvement, business renewal or any industrial development at all? Did you think at all before you voted in this Government? Was a lifetime of “Papa Doc” administrations what you really wanted? Is all this OK with you? Is this the future you consciously voted for, “One man, one rule”? Congratulations! You got it, exactly what you voted for! Enjoy!