Our Readers' Opinions
February 5, 2016
Vincentians, remember to put SVG first

Editor: The NDP are saying that they won the 2015 General Elections; besides filing two petitions in court, there is nothing coming from the NDP to prove that they actually won the elections. While it is being said that the NDP is on a fishing exhibition, is there evidence to show that the 2015 elections were fair?

We heard from Sir Vincent Beache on WE FM that the elections were fair, but responding to the NDP cry he stated that for there to be rigging, it must be organized.{{more}} My understanding of Sir Vincent Beache’s position is understandable, but he did not say it happened in the 2015 elections.

While Dr Gonsalves responds very carefully to accusations, I’m wondering where the police get the energy from. When I see the police at the protest line, it’s extremely frightening, I’m scared that something would happen between the protesters and the police. Our country has too much to lose if this protest becomes out of control. Could it? Yes! It can get out of control, because some Vincentians are being misinformed and think that they are within their rights to protest. Should they be targetting Ms Findlay? Some may say yes. Who else? While persons like Frank Da Silva, Hans King, Noel Jackson, Burns Bonadie, Elson Crick and Clem Ballah express their opinions, their opinions are not based on fact and they’re fuelling negativism; my opinion is that they should keep quiet on this issue.

If the shoe was on the other foot, they would have supported it. It’s time for them to apply some impartiality, because there is need for a movement for fairness and justice.

I’m wondering if the ULP supporters forget that they too had a movement for fairness and justice. How can they not remember? That movement is not easily forgotten. Mr Eustace always says putting the country first is better than creating problems, so these are some questions for Mr Eustace.

How does the NDP benefit from these protests? Should Vincentians continue to support negativism? Why does the NDP continue to mislead Vincentians into believing that this protest would bring a certain kind of results?

Does it seem that the NDP would achieve what they are protesting for? Does the NDP think about what impact the protest they are holding would have on St Vincent and the Grenadines?

The authorities need to handle the protestors carefully. Keep violence to a minimum; if there is peaceful protest, there is no need for the extreme acts being done by the police at these protests.

We all need to put our country first; the eyes of the entire world are on us. Social media has a great influence in terms of news. Videos of the protest and the behaviour of some authorities are being spread and seen all over the world. Can this have a negative effect on St Vincent and the Grenadines? My opinion is yes!

The NDP supporters do have a right to protest, but they must be very vigilant of the effects. So I’m asking the persons who are protesting to do so peacefully and ensure that your movement is done in the best interest of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Time would tell if the NDP prevails and the ULP fails; remember to put St Vincent and the Grenadines first.

Kingsley De Freitas