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February 2, 2016
In solidarity with Mrs Faylene King

Editor: On Monday, January 25, I listened with rapt attention in disbelief and disgust to Mr Parnel Campbell QC, as he read the contents of a letter penned by Mrs Faylene King in the Searchlight newspaper in defence of her mother, Mrs Sylvia Findlay Scrubb, supervisor of elections.{{more}}

The letter described the verbal attacks and insults meted out to her mother on a daily basis since the general elections held on December 9, 2015.

Tears filled my eyes and my heart was heavy, as I fought to put myself in her place in order to understand the effect that this ugly situation is having on her and by extension, the rest of the family.

As a resident of Barrouallie who had the privilege of being instructed by Mrs Findlay in my formative years as a student at the Barrouallie Anglican School, I felt the need to publicly express my disgust at the way this lady is being unlawfully accused and verbally abused by those who know and those who do not know her.

What also strikes me as ironic is that some of the persons in the New-New Democratic Party camp, especially those from Barrouallie, except for Mr Parnel Campbell QC, choose to remain silent while their friend, former colleague, sister in faith, neighbour, former teacher, cousin, ex-sister-in-law etc is being humiliated and her name dragged in the mud all in the name of party politics.

I say something is definitely wrong. I am, however, not surprised though, as the Bible cannot lie – “the heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick”; who can understand it?

To you, my former teacher and to the rest of your family, especially Francis and Faylene, be strong. While some protest unlawfully, there are many others who are interceding on your behalf and God has no pyjamas. Plus, he never gives us more than we can bear; so bear your cross; this too shall pass.