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January 26, 2016
Who is responsible for this division in SVG?

Editor: I listened to Pastor Ollivierre via NBC radio and he was saying that this country is divided politically. But he didn’t say which political party is responsible for the division that has been lurking throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines. This division is very frightening and it is creating various problems for Vincentians. It’s affecting the development of our country.{{more}} I honestly think that it’s time for Vincentians who have some level of influence to speak out on this issue of political division.

What is causing this division? Is it the desire for political power? Is it victimization? Is it because Mr Eustace is encountering difficulties in becoming the Prime Minister? Many Vincentians are saying that radio stations are contributing to the political division; should radio talk shows be banned?

The behaviour that numerous Vincentians display causes me to wonder if Vincentians understand right from wrong.

We have to find ways to deal with this menace that is destroying our country.

Why is it that our democracy is under attack? We are seeing and hearing people demonstrating outside the electoral office in Kingstown. The question is what are they trying to accomplish? Some may say that they are trying to accomplish what the NDP got in 2001 — “fresh elections”. Whenever Vincentians hear anything about protests, they think about Ralph Gonsalves. When he came on the political scene, Dr Gonsalves taught us about demonstration and what can be accomplished by protesting. If you want to know what can be gained from protesting, just look back on what took place in 2001 and you’ll get your answer.

If you are wondering about my thoughts on protesting, I support any thing that brings results. There is a need for Vincentians to remind the authorities that they must not take us for granted. I am so confused by Parnel Campbell QC, Frank da Silva, Elson Crick and those who think that fighting for a cause can only take place when Dr Gonsalves says so. The shoe is now on the other foot, so they are complaining about the effect. Would it be fair to say that Dr Gonsalves is responsible for the tension in St Vincent and the Grenadines? Approximately 30,000 persons voted for the NDP; they expected change, but that change didn’t come. Is that the reason why this country is so divided?

We always hear that protesting is our right, but whenever Vincentians protest, the Prime Minister always feels threatened and speaks about the protestors protesting with intent. Why is Dr Gonsalves so worried about protesting? Is it because he is being reminded of what occurred in 2001? When the ODD and the ULP protested in 2001, were they conscious of the negative impact it had on our country?

As Vincentians commonly say: “Do so don’t like so.” The protests that are taking place have a negative impact on the country; while I support the movement, it must be done in the interest of all Vincentians. We need to put the development of our country first.

The people of St Vincent and the Grenadines need a voice, and that voice needs to speak for the development of our country. Vincentians had a social conscience in the person of Mr Jomo Thomas, but that avenue is no longer there. Vincentians had a trust in Mr Jomo Thomas; he was the man Vincentians trusted and from whom they sought reliable guidance. We had stability in Mr Thomas. Now, he takes a different journey and I wish him success while he embarks on his new journey. Vincentians need someone to inform them and be their voice, so that is why I continue to write these articles. So, I’m hoping Vincentians can reflect on my words and realize that the development of these beautiful islands is key. To the persons who read my articles, I’m asking you to put aside political differences to be rid of this political tension that is dangerously lurking throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Kingsley deFreitas