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January 26, 2016
The idea of three Gods in the Christian world

Editor: One young lady recently asked in a very rude way ‘Way mek aryo always ah talk bout Sabbath and Sabbath ?” From her tone of voice, I knew she thought she was so well informed and I was absolutely cultic and stupid. I thereupon told her that The Sabbath was too much of a sacred matter for me to engage myself in common talk about.{{more}} I recited from memory Psalm 19 to explain the value the psalmist placed on the Law of God. One young man, in close attendance, obviously from her denomination, decided that he was even more intelligently informed about my ignorance of God’s dealing with man, so he countered, “Do you know that nobody ever kept the Sabbath? Can you keep the Sabbath? To which I replied, using Phillipians 4:13 ‘I can do ALL THINGS through Christ which strengtheneth me.’

I have this stupid compulsion of prolonging arguments, even when they point to the fact that it is pointless. A religious tete-a-tete ensued. The result was that I became more convinced that religion is the most clever tool of the devil in his bid to desecrate the teachings of Christianity. I have often wondered if God has anything to do with some of the people who teach in His name. I wonder also when people report that certain groups of the Muslim persuasion kill Christians, Is this a fair and just accusation? The Muslims are versed in the teachings of the Pentateuch; they are the direct descendants of Abraham. They know the things that Christians were forewarned of were abominable. It is therefore difficult for them to relate to things like the sanctification of pork. ‘After all ,’ a Muslim may ask, ‘are not these the people who sanctify the lifestyles of Gays and Lesbians?’ 

I once viewed a film entitled ‘The gods must be crazy’ I am now convinced that this is true of the gods of the people. Let me state here that the views expressed here are totally mine; they have nothing to do with the organization I TRY to assemble with. I do not and cannot ever subscribe to the notion of three Gods in the Christian world. The idea of God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost (three Gods operating as one) is not something I am ever able to buy into. I DO BELIEVE IN THE PERSONS OF THE GODHEAD, but not in a way that subjects God to time, nor space, nor matter. I do believe Moses when he said ‘Hear, Oh Israel, The Lord our God: is one Lord:’ God, as I read in the Bible, came to earth in the human person of Christ. So God is divine and came to earth as human. Jesus was called the son of God, not God the son. I rest my case. Contrary to popular belief, I look at The Holy Spirit as the first person of the Godhead, not the third, and just as I believe that Jesus was both human and divine. I believe as God He was also The Holy Spirit. If Jesus is God and God is Spirit, then it stands to reason that Jesus is Spirit, The Holy Spirit. (To that elder who wants reason to denounce me as demon for my belief, here it is in BOLD letters. What you have to do, do quickly.) You would have the evidence here to cast out my name as evil and denounce me as a heretic, which would give you the authority to disfellowship me from YOUR church.

  It is only when people are faced with the fact that is is the same God who made the world, who took upon Him flesh and came to earth as Jesus Christ, (John 1; 1,2,3,!4.) that the truth can be seen concerning the relationship between Law and Grace.  

Until next week, or what time I am afforded, by God and the permission of this medium. May God richly bless you with a noble understanding!

Dennis Trant