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January 22, 2016
The most effective speed control mechanism on the road

Editor: I am happy to hear that those in authority are determined to make our roads safer. I have heard of having discussions with minibus drivers, visits to schools, police being more visible on the roads and the call for giving police the tools to be able to effectively deal with traffic offenders. All of this is commendable, and I urge those in authority to keep at it! However, how many more may be injured or killed before these are fully implemented?{{more}} How many minibus drivers will apply the instructions they receive and become defensive drivers? How many drivers will adhere to the rules of the road? How many remember that a little patience, insight and common sense go a long way when it comes to road safety?

If we want to have an IMMEDIATE impact on motorists behaviour, then speed humps is the way to go. These devices will definitely deter the speeders and traffic will definitely SLOW DOWN in areas where they are located. I will suggest that speed humps be placed before every pedestrian crossing throughout the country. They should also be placed at areas of high pedestrian and emerging vehicular traffic such as Questelles intersection, Greaves Supermarkets and Sol Gas stations at Pembroke and Arnos Vale, Community College gap at Villa, CWSA Headquarters and even before approaching the round-about from the Windward side etc. These (speed humps) will have to be clearly visible or have signs indicating a speed hump is just ahead.

This is not just an imagined concern but a bona fide safety issue. Let’s give it a try!

A Motorist