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January 19, 2016
Effects of social media

Editor: Social media plays an important role in these modern times. It can be a very good means of communication. However, social media like Facebook can in some cases prove to be harmful rather than helpful.{{more}}

Facebook is widely used by many all over the world to disseminate information and also for conversation. While, there is the positive side, there is also the negative side. Some people have abused this site to degrade others, defame their character and vent their anger and simply posting things that later on get them into trouble.

While we value the use of this medium, it is important that we exercise discipline and self-control. Far too often we fail to realize that our comments are read by wide cross-sections of persons of different nationalities and statuses in society. When we post negative and derogative comments, it can be a blockade to us. For when such negative comments are posted and sometimes words of abuse and slander and even with criminal intent others form an opinion. It speaks of your character and thus what many fail to realize is that it can hinder them from promotion in a job or even being employed since persons in authority are able to build an opinion of your character by the comments you made or the postings you give.

Social media should never be used as a means to get back at someone or defame their character. Instead, it should be used as a means to communicate information truthfully and not publishing of untruths. It should be a means of education and encouragement.

Let us begin today to use this social medium of expressing ourselves freely in a godly and mature way. Let us not use this medium to block our own progress and to utter falsehoods and words that can incite violent behaviour. Of course, we know that persons can be charged for the words they put on Facebook. Therefore, let us be careful of what we write.

Let us use it positively and lift our standard as Vincentians. No wonder some people don’t want to be part of Facebook. We are living in an advanced technological world and we should by all means use technology and advance ourselves and be willing to express ourselves freely. Let us, however, stop this childish behaviour of cussing others and degrading persons and even posting indecent language on Facebook. Let us exercise self-control and let us communicate effectively. Let us be mature and write intelligently on Facebook. After all, love must be the motto of us all.

Kennard King