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January 15, 2016
NDP activist went too far in her bid to support her party

Editor: Please permit me space in your column to express my views about Luzette King.

I believe that Luzette King went too far in her bid to support the New Democratic Party when she basically blocked the road. I must congratulate the police for arresting and charging her immediately, because persons always think that they are above the law all the time.

I definitely hope she gets herself together, because she is a well educated person and must surely learn to stay in compliance with the laws, and simply discontinue her dangerous motives in her stance for a political party.

The New Democratic Party did not win the election, but some persons are insisting that they actually won it, including Luzette King; but sooner or later after all the investigations are done they may surely realize that they simply need to wake up or to stop living in a different world.


Everton Mercury