Our Readers' Opinions
January 5, 2016
Will ULP deliver on its promises?

Editor: I’m very concerned about the lack of development in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Vincentians are complaining about the lack of proper health care. Vincentians are complaining about unemployment, crime, criminal activities and poverty. The agriculture sector and the other various sectors that affect our daily living are in need of serious improvement.

When the ULP took office in the year 2001, they made a pledge that they would place extreme emphasis on building these sectors. Can Vincentians honestly say that they delivered? If so, why are we struggling in these sectors? What went wrong? The ULP placed their ideas and policies in their manifesto; can Vincentians use the ULP manifesto to see whether they delivered?
Many Vincentians are asking for answers; maybe the answers are in the manifesto.

The tourism sector is the source of many complaints of Vincentians. Imagine there is a Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority and the tourism sector is facing so many challenges. Why are we struggling with tourism? I asked the Minister of Tourism why is there a decline in tourism. Minister of Tourism Ces Mc Kie said the Prime Minister needs to place more money into the development of tourism.
While we commend the Police Force for their service, many Vincentians are complaining about the crime rate in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Is the Pan against Crime movement spreading enough awareness on crime prevention? Why is there no further development to the DARE programme being carried out by the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force? Many Vincentians resort to crime because of the lack of employment in this country. Many of the younger persons I interact with are saying that they can’t find jobs; many have the necessary qualification to acquire jobs, but they just can’t find jobs.

They complain and say no one is hiring, “The struggle is real” — that is the slang many young people are chanting to me when I see them on blocks.

Vincentians heard many promises from the ULP campaign, but will they be kept? Why can’t the Ministry of Agriculture work? The Prime Minister boasts about having men from Colonarie in the Agriculture Department — “Mr Saboto Caesar and Mr Grant” – yet we can’t see development in the agriculture sector; what a shame!! Farmers are saying that they feel abandoned by the Government. Numerous complaints are from farmers about the lack of infrastructure for the agriculture sector. Farmers are asking for help!
What can we, as Vincentians, do to make politicians listen to our cries? Protest seems to be a thing of the past; it seems to be obsolete. What else can we do? What can be done to gain the attention of these politicians?

Camillo Gonsalves, Zita Barnwell, Luke Browne, Rochelle Forde, Saboto Caesar and Carlos James are in touch with the young people and I’m hoping that they would transfer their understanding that more needs to be done in terms of representation by the ULP.
Getting young people involved in today’s politics is fundamental. They should be involved at any cost. I’m seeing more and more young people involving themselves in political discussions and for that I’m pleased. I’m praying that our country would be showered with development; I’m hoping that these sectors that I’ve pointed out would be looked at by the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines. We all need to come together to better grow our St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Kingsley DeFreitas