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December 29, 2015
Radio listeners have the power to switch off, or go to another station

Editor: I refer the to letter from Ms Pierre-Warrican in your issue of 22/12, complaining about the standard of radio talk shows.

Is this lady not aware that every radio is fitted with at least two regulating switches, one being the on and off switch, the other being the switch that enables you to retune to another radio station. In effect, if she does not like what she is hearing on one station, she can either switch off or retune to a station that she prefers;{{more}} this is called freedom of choice.

Furthermore, what makes this lady think that she is the absolute self-appointed arbiter of listening discrimination. She may not like these talk in programmes, but a number of people do, otherwise they would not be aired. Likewise, not all of the listening population would want to listen soley to the two radio stations that the lady advocates; this again is called freedom of choice. Also why has she just singled out STAR radio to be taken from the airwaves?? Is she not aware that NICE radio also operates a talk in programme in the interests of democracy (of which she seems unaware); if you remove one political talk show you should remove the other! Since BOTH spew forth their their respective party propaganda. It is somewhat draconian and arrogant for this lady to expect the population here only to be allowed to listen only to those radio stations that have been codified with her seal of approval.

To close, I would, however, make comment on the two talk shows as aired in the morning on both STAR and NICE radio, in that why cannot both of these be conducted in a more professional manner? Per both stations it is both very tedious and boring that so long as any caller parrots the party line, they are allowed to regurgitate forth all manner of verbal dysentery without any imposed time limit. Yet, if another caller voices even the slightest criticism of the party, then rather than offer or engage in a polite exchange of views, the host(s) (on both stations) insult the caller and then hang up on them.

It is my viewpoint that anyone who considers themselves a PROFESSIONAL talk show host should have enough grey matter between their ears to conduct a lucid and balanced conversation with EVERY caller and not just those who echo the policy of that particular party programme.

AW Indupp