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December 18, 2015
Keep yourself as safe as possible

Editor: A very sad episode that happened in Grenada recently, involving a Canadian woman who was out walking with a dog, who got kidnapped and killed, brought to my mind what I consider risky actions on the part of some women here.{{more}}

While driving by in the Mt Wynne area, I may see ONE lady briskly walking. Mount Wynne area is isolated. Why should a lady be walking all by herself in that area? Ladies, doing so can be HIGHLY dangerous! Yes, you may be exercising, but you can be in danger of being raped or even killed by some rapist who may stalk you. If a lady wishes to exercise or go in a lonely area for some other reason, it is better to have at least three other hearty ladies accompany you – so at least four of you in total. I suggest that many because this world is so cruel that two ladies may not be sufficient to fight off one or two male attackers. If possible, take along trusted male friends/relatives too. Better yet, do NOT go in any isolated area by yourself if at all possible. How the two sons and husband of the Canadian lady are grieving a lot at this moment! Ladies, do not risk your lives and possibly end up having to leave your loved ones behind to grieve. Don’t see fire and put your hand in it! Be watchful! The Devil continues on the rampage and getting worse, influencing worthless men to do you serious harm. 1 Peter 5:8; Revelation 12:12. Do NOT say, “I am a Christian so God will protect me.” God does not want us to test him by deliberately putting ourselves in harm’s way. Remember that Jesus did NOT test God by risking his life as Matthew 4: 6, 7 shows. Rather, God wants us to follow His good advice at Proverbs 27:12. Once we see possible dangers, we avoid them. Ladies, do you love yourselves and your relatives? Matthew 22:39. Then be wise! Keep yourselves as safe as possible.

A Serious Warning!