Our Readers' Opinions
December 15, 2015
The NDP as I see it

Editor: I have been an observer of the NDP since it was formed in 1975. Since the party’s poor showing at the polls as far back as 1998, FIVE fundamental weaknesses have emerged. FIRST, the party has lost the ability to effectively conduct campaigns and win elections. SECOND, the party does NOT know how to mobilize and conduct effective protest action. THIRD, the NDP has not presented to the people an attractive leader befitting the times or palatable to the Vincentian masses.{{more}} FOURTH, the party has allowed its message to become mired in the mist, muck and murkiness of lies and innuendos. And FIFTH, too many disparate voices tinged with desperation have been allowed to craft and present the party’s narrative to the people. I therefore advise the party to ACCEPT the results, settle down and cooperate with the new ULP government to take the country forward. There is a lot of work to be done and we need all hands on deck. There will be other opportunities to present your case to the people. We are the ones who will decide if you are truly ready. Right now, all the evidence indicates that you are NOT.

Accept the DAMN results and let us move on. We have a country to build!

Go ahead, cuss me now!

Philbert J A John-Bute