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December 15, 2015
Eustace’s claim of fraud not supported by fact

Editor: The general elections have been conducted and completed. While the ULP is declared as winner, the NDP has refused to accept defeat. Strangely, it seems that it is mainly Eustace who seemed to be fighting up himself with allegations. Is Mr Eustace being set up to have him removed as leader of the party? Well, only time will tell.{{more}}

Concerning the allegation of the election being fraudulent in Central Leeward and that at a polling station more persons voted than the number registered to vote; here are the facts as they appear in each polling station:

Polling Registered Votes

Division voters cast

CL A 505 385

CL A1 443 343

CL B 310 238

CL B1 266 210

CL C 410 307

CL D 396 310

CL D 1 434 327

CL E 472 368

CL E 1 504 371

CL F 280 222

CL F1 337 290

CL G 397 313

CL H 494 344

CL I 438 355

CL I 1 416 312

This information can be found in SEARCHLIGHT NEWSPAPER, dated December 11, 2015 and found on page 22.

Also how absurd it is now to claim that there were 320 illegal votes. The last polling station, A, has registered voters of 505 and CL E 1, 504. Let’s say for argument that the 320 is divided equally, it means that there would 160 each from both polling stations. A close examination will show that if you deduct those 160 from any of the polling stations you will have less than the amount of votes that were cast in 2010 in any of the polling stations. For clarification, check Searchlight of December 4 on page 37 and do your own maths.

Maybe I am a dunce and don’t know maths, but I have not seen anywhere according to these data that there were 100 per cent turnout at any polling station and also more than 100 per cent as claimed by ARNHIM EUSTACE.

I can, therefore, conclude that Eustace was set up and as an immature leader never checked his facts. For, if he had done so, he would have realized that what he is claiming is totally false and so has refused to accept his defeat as a big man. He is further playing on the emotions of his supporters.

Following this drama, I am predicting that Arnhim Eustace would be replaced as leader of the party. This will then give rise to a by-election, since Eustace would then resign.

God in his wisdom knows why, despite the many sexual allegations made against the PM, the ULP was returned back to office. Can you imagine under NDP there would be a discussion on same sex marriage led by Vynnette Frederick and churches facing hard times, since according to Daniel Cummings, who stoned church,

that the church he stoned was operating illegally? It is possible that we would, under NDP government, experience hooliganism and no respect for God’s house, as evidenced at Lynch’s funeral where the church was desecrated and hooliganism took place. The Lord

has his reasons for not allowing NDP to form government, although they came so close on two occasions. Let JAH be praised.

Political Analyst