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December 8, 2015
Young people are one of our greatest assets

Editor: St Vincent and the Grenadines used to be an idyll, a paradise. It was once a place that was not even on the map in many countries worldwide.

For young people and children it was a thriving environment, where not just parents raised a child, but a village.{{more}}

Modern times have introduced us to technology, media which espouses a different sort of value system, and in the context of Christianity and other religions, a clear view of the impending realization; these are the end of days, approaching the end of the world.

To the young generation of voters, and also teenagers who should be eligible to vote in 2020, your country’s future rests securely in your hands.

Kids and young adults, there is a spiritual crisis worldwide, of which you are – in direct experience – at the front and centre.

The Vincentian youth are handling it well. Problems which have arisen see you battling many issues, yet in terms of your spirit and attitude, you excel at school and academics and your many talents in sports and the arts indicate Vincentian youth and talent as a force to be reckoned with, universally.

Yet there is evidence that all is not well with our youth. In past years, we have seen suicide attempts, violence, gangs, crime and sex scandals that show the village and parents have lost control.

Parents are in crisis also. Some are irresponsible, bringing children into the world, without any real parenting skills or intentions. Others try. The demons are all around, threatening to rip apart the traditional nuclear family. Children and parents have lost an intrinsic connection, in the interest of healing and harmony.

A lot of young people are only now coming into contact with forming their own ideas about God. These ideas, thanks to easily accessible reading on the Internet, range from Satanism, voodoo, Christianity to other ideas.

So, a significant election in terms of the status of a turning point in terms of political direction is upon us.

In my opinion, there has been no Government – even from the early days – which has exploited the innumerable resources of SVG to its full potential and this includes young people (this potential, as I see it, encompasses not only physical resources, but spiritual resources).

As a young potential voter, you have to ask yourself, am I happy? Am I fully realized as a young human being? Is there potential for me to give back to the country where I grew up, or will I be swept away on a tide of immorality?

Before you cast a vote or allegiance to any political system, cast your first vote for God.

Remind yourself also that God not only exists in a church and congregation, but can be found in Nature’s touch, in the playful interaction of God’s creatures, on the verge of a crystal clear blue ocean and most importantly – your heart; cast your vote as God directs you to.

As a youth or kid, do you feel safe here? Is there integrity in terms of how out politicians embrace ‘the game?”. Has the government of either party and your media, intellectual experience one that is balanced and not restricted by issues arising?

The pet peeve I have is with technology. A government which unleashes the power of the Internet to thousands of pre-pubescent, adolescent, teenage users with no filters or guidance leading to crime and negatives, and adult inadequacy to deal with child issues goes to the core of my advice in voter integrity.

When you request a salary increase as a young adult where the cost of living is impossible, and the politician responds ‘not one red cent, over my dead body;’ does this speak of non-inclusion and insensitivity to human needs?

The fact is if you put God’s light on these issues before you vote, you’ll be safe, even as politicians let you down.

The final point is this: at some point the young and the young-would-be voter may be required to take a stand in the face of a corrupt vote, or regime.

If you know God, he will be on your side, even if it is a fight unto death.

Colin King