Our Readers' Opinions
December 8, 2015
We must accept whoever wins general elections

Editor: In one day’s time, the electorate of this country will go to the polls to elect a party to run the affairs of this blessed land of ours. God is the one who appoints rulers, as is stated in Romans 13:1. We know also, according to the Bible, that he sets up kings and removes them. Thus whoever wins the general election will be the one appointed by God. Having said that, we recognize the freedom of choice by individuals.{{more}}

It is, therefore, important that we accept whoever or whatever party wins the next general elections in SVG. Our responsibility will be to also obey those in authority. We must as a people accept the results and not make an issue about it. The Lord, in his wisdom, allows us to have a government that he sees suits us. For, if as a people, we are given a wicked government, then it is allowed by God to judge us. If, on the other hand, we receive a good government, it is a blessing from the Lord.

Following the elections, we must accept the results and seek by God’s grace to live together as one people. Regardless to which party a person supports, he or she has a right to enjoy the good of the land and also to face the bad. I urge us not to let party politics divide us. Let us seek by God’s grace to be respectable and accept each other’s view with respect.

I pray we would have a peaceful and accident and incident free general elections. Let God be God and let His will be done. I know that everyone wants to be on the winning side, but it is just not reality. There would be disappointments for some and rejoicing for others. Whatever happens in terms of the results, we are all Vincentians and so we have to live together as one. May God bless SVG.

Kennard King