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December 8, 2015
Rude and unmannerly NDP supporters

Editor: “NDP supporters thrown off vessel by ULP supporters late night! Where is the Labour love?” This headline for an article in The News newspaper, dated December 4, 2015, is very much misleading and we will set the record straight with the truth.{{more}}

Has anyone wondered why the NDP supporters were there in the first place? Is it not true that their representative and Northern Grenadines NDP candidate left them behind? Where was Dr Godwin Friday when his NDP supporters were “thrown off”? That’s right, on his way to Bequia on the NDP boat. The MV Bequia Express was scheduled to leave the Grenadines wharf at 1 a.m., but didn’t leave until about 1:15 a.m., that was a few minutes after the NDP supporters showed up in Kingstown. What if Bequia Express had left as scheduled, wouldn’t they have been left behind?

To the author of the said article, I would like you to inquire why they were not allowed on the Bequia Express. Most of them do agree that it was because of their ruckus behaviour why they were sent off. Did they not tell you that they were given the okay to travel at first? But these rude and unmannerly supporters who were left behind couldn’t even be controlled by the police officer present. They even brought NDP supporters from Kingstown with them on to the ramp of the boat, dancing and chanting ‘Get rid ah dem’, disrespecting our supporters, using profanity and wanting to pick fights. Have you considered what might have happened if they were allowed on board? As a matter of fact, the captain of the vessel was just about to put everyone off of the boat if the ULP organizers did not get rid of your unruly supporters. What if the shoe was on the other foot?

My gentleman friend, are you aware that about five of your supporters travelled to Bequia that same night with that same ULP chartered boat? They were well behaved and showed respect for the fact we were allowing them to travel back with us. If you say you care about the people of the Northern Grenadines so much, why did you leave some of your biggest supporters behind? Were they misbehaving and disruptive to your own supporters that you didn’t want them on your boat? If you have no patience for your own people, what would happen should you and your party takes office on December 9? It doesn’t reflect good on you, sir, and it makes one wonder if the incident was planned to embarrass the Northen Grenadines ULP group.

Bequia Youth