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December 1, 2015
Stop being ignorant and take note

Editor: The problem with educating stupid people is that they don’t know they are stupid. You may be pretty smart and not know it, but if you are stupid, you really don’t know it, and don’t know enough to acknowledge it when it is pointed out to you: “No I’m not!” But you are and don’t know it because you can’t know it.{{more}}

“The ‘Government’ (the ULP) is giving me everything! Why should I vote against them?” The Opposition wants to create more jobs, thus reducing Government assistance. So, maybe you really don’t want a job. A job would mean work, showing up every day at the same time, day after day. That’s a bummer. Vote for no jobs and free welfare—you got it now, why take a chance of losing it?

This is a wonderful country! The many that have much from undisclosable sources enjoy their plunder, fraud and drug profit proceeds, while the few that have legitimate incomes are taxed to support the indolent and incapable. Why would you want to live anywhere else or support any other kind of government? Hooray for a demagogic kleptocracy! If that’s your choice, fine. I’ve already paid for my ticket out.