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December 1, 2015
Let the people of Sion Hill be

Editor: How blind have we become, that we can only see and be offended by the presence of the bright paint used for expressing the hope of having desires met and frustration of wanton neglect ended.{{more}}

We could not see the frowns of agony on the faces of those whom, for years, we floated past in our air-conditioned vehicles on our way to our air-conditioned offices.

Sion Hill has been recognized as a vibrant community; for years they have been stevedores, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, teachers, preachers, footballers, cricketers, construction engineers, nurses, athletes and more.

What is being called a desecration of the area of Sion Hill is repairable with little effort. The people of that village are reputed for their communal energy and all the political paintings there can be wiped out, neutralized in 12 hours of work.

On the other hand, the erosion of justice, the losses from official corruption, the moral degradation in high places may well take more than 12 years to be reversed, neutralized.

I would urge those persons who have expressed their abhorrence with the Sion Hill display of political party enthusiasm to direct their influence and energies to the correcting of the distinct aura of neglect which has been persisting on the perimeter of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital compound for too long a time. The walk to K’town cemetery exposes a more serious desecration of neglect.

Let the people of Sion Hill be!

LeRoy Providence