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November 27, 2015
The coming elections and the battle royal at Sion Hill – Part III

by Dr Richard A Byron-Cox

The two earlier episodes on this battle were written just prior to elections 2005. In those I, providing reasons, encouraged East Kingstown to return Arnhim Eustace to parliament. Shortly after those elections, Jomo Thomas persuaded me to attend a WEFM Christmas social where some ULP’s top brass salted and peppered me!!! I vividly remember Vincent Beache on being told who I am “scratched off!” as if I were plague inflicted.{{more}} Others either gave me the “cut eye,” the “push-up face” or the “catch-yo’-crowd -imposter” stare. Then Gonsalves came to deliver “the death blow!” I stood like a lamb to the slaughter, cognizant that patriotism must never be preached in a den of party politics unless you are Daniel of biblical fame. Jomo clearly feeling responsible, looked Ralph in the eyes and said, “Rich is an exemplary patriot; his commitment to this country cannot be questioned!” Ralph simmered. Death was commuted to intellectual abuse.

I set sail with the preceding paragraph for I will need this life boat of patriotism, as what follows next will land me in very turbulent waters, exposed to tsunami-strength attacks from the NDP hooligans. As in the 2005 episodes, I here also put the interest of SVG ahead of any injury my name/character may suffer from attacks by the 15-year long EXTREMELY “lean and hungry” NDP Cassiuses. And so as I then declared Eustace worthy of a return to parliament, I NOW declare him unfit, totally unsuitable to continue in this role. Indeed the constituency must firmly embrace the political gospel according to Luke, a disciple of progress and an ardent believer in political, social and economic justice for all. And here is the justification.

All evidence points to the fact that Arnhim is a completely spent force and dismal political failure. He was NDP’s captain in three outings, and yes they were just that, OUTINGS!! All polls conducted show that the overriding majority knows that on the issue of leadership Ralph is a Grand Master, and Arnhim, a terribly poor student. Added to that, his fifteen years as LOO (here I don’t mean loo but the acronym for Leader of the Opposition) has unmasked his political and moral bankruptcy, showing a spent shell from fired ammunition! Here is the shortlist of proof.

As pertains to politics which should in this case be about policy, Arnhim has NEVER set out a plan worth consideration. Indeed he is famous for selling borrowed ideas without even repackaging them, and/or acknowledging the originators. This is no fabrication. The “kinder and gentler society” was a George W Bush slogan. The Balliceaux tourism fantasy is copyrighted to one Anatol Scott; and the fairytale new hospital is “straight outta Farmville.” This hospital is as real as the 20,000 jobs he promised on the eve of elections 2010. Indeed his development plan reduces this country to a play called “‘SVG the natural place to be.” But what takes the cake is his “Ask Ralph” refrain. This is why he will NEVER debate the Comrade!!

Dr Kenneth John assures that Arnhim is an “honest-to-goodness” fellow. Then there are the diabolic wily propagandists who with no reference to facts bear false witness that he is “Mr Clean.” The truth is that Arhnim heads a party that has church violators as top leadership; a lamb died after it was dragged behind a vehicle by his family member and he remains silent. He had information that a capital offense could be committed and refused to tell the police. He all but justified the desecration of a church claiming people’s right to protest. He never reprimanded his champion mouthpiece for urging that Ken Boyea be kicked in his face for supporting the new constitution; and he allowed Billy Button to be a candidate after his infamous doltishness, “Parson say christen yo’ picney furss’.” Further, his fellow comedian, Willington Ramos made some nefarious fabrications about SVG which he refuses to condemn or distance himself from. It begs the questions: are these nationally damaging falsities part of a plan to make the country shame? But what most exposes his moral bankruptcy is ingratitude generally (to Rishatha Nichols and others), and to James Mitchell Particularly. Mitchell made him permanent secretary, fiscal advisor, WIBDECO Chairman, parliamentarian, Minister of Finance, and gave him the NDP and Premiership! But Arnhim allows those who have done nothing for him (unless for reward) to tell Mitchell to keep his old so and so quiet. The sages of old say ingratitude is worse than witchcraft!! This list is merely indicative and is in no way comprehensive or exhaustive. But it demonstrates the moral decadence Arnhim exemplifies!!Leadership is where Arnhim’s incompetence is continuously on exhibition. He began his NDP presidency declaring this is the “new times,” effectively distancing himself from Mitchell. Fact is the only national victory he can celebrate is the referendum, secured by Mitchell. Leacock had to instruct him (several times) to be at the Obelisk and Victoria Park for national celebrations. His lack of leadership quality is further underlined in his cowardice, evidenced by his obsession with “what would America say;” and, in his lack of patriotism displayed by his recurring failure to put the country first! But most damning of all is his total absence of faith in the very people he wants to lead. There are literally dozens of examples of this, including his refusal to lend banana farmers monies from the NIS; his objection to education loans for young people; his rejection of the 100 per cent home mortgage for civil servants; and his cynicism as regards our quest for reparations. A leader does not scorn his people. He inspires and brings out the best in them! Arnhim is a millstone around East Kingstown’s neck!

Part IV next week