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November 20, 2015
Eustace and his novices not ready to lead SVG

Editor: We have, without doubt, become a nation of scandalous remarks and quite often after careful investigation, a number of the accusations are unfounded and vile. Of course, in the world of politics this is common place and more so if the person is a public official. In the case of a scandalous matter, it might even be better to hear a third side of the story, particularly when it comes to the defamation of a person’s character.{{more}}

Unfortunately, I must declare that this will not be the last time that scandalous remarks will hit the airwaves or are discussed in the public forum, whether these remarks involve Government officials or the Opposition, seeing that the election fever is in the mix.

I now refer to the recent release of a scandal allegedly involving the Prime Minister and a young lady. Honestly, I have not paid much attention to the rumours going around, especially in some quarters. However, I think I have heard enough to form my own conclusions.

I would like to pose the following questions to begin with, after which I will make some comments.

1. How recent are the tapes ?

2. Are the tapes in their completeness authentic?

3. Did the radio personalities and the gullible public investigate every aspect of the accusation before they ‘ran with it’?

Some talk has been focused adversely on the Prime Minister’s pleadings for forgiveness and the declaration of his weaknesses during the meeting on Saturday night at the Grammar School Playing Field. I might point out that in the same speech, the Prime Minister made mention of his spiritual journey and sojourn at Mt St Benedict some time ago. It is very obvious that confession and the pleadings for forgiveness would have formed part of his experience. Then too, I could recall hearing him in several of his meetings declaring his failures and shortcomings. (Any stone throwers?)

The scandalous remarks and the bad-mouthing aside, let us dwell for a moment on the question, what manner of leader is Ralph Gonsalves?

(i) He deeply cares for the poor

(ii) He is intensely concerned about the elderly

(iii) He is profoundly interested in the educational advancement of every child (No child left behind)

(iv) He is genuinely tolerant to those who scandalize him on their broadcasts

(v) He is passionately moved by the plight of all neighbouring islands, especially in times of disaster.

(vi) He is acutely conscious of his humanness.

Compare these qualities with that of his opponent and you would find that the other one is woefully lacking in all of them.

The deliberate plots to defame the most outstanding Prime Minister in the Caribbean and to bring him into disrepute will undoubtedly make him stronger and put him in readiness for his fourth term in office. (See the fortitude and good Christian attitude he exhibits to the manager of NICE Radio when he tried to castigate the Prime Minister’s daughter. WHAT A MAN! WHAT A LEADER!!!!)

I can rest assured that Vincentians would NEVER put Eustace and his novices to do a man’s job, especially so when Dr Gonsalves has been doing such a wonderful job. This country is not a mauby shop, which Mr Eustace can’t even manage. RALPH and his men have a plan to continue to take our country to progress. Let us not be deterred by ficticious, slanderous tapes. It is the Comrade’s express wish that he not leave behind any unfinished task. Let’s give him that wish.


The Lighthouse