Our Readers' Opinions
November 13, 2015
What was the real intent of the Ms Heritage show?

Editor: I listened each day to the advertisement of the Ms Heritage show and for every moment I wondered what was the real purpose of the show. I would have thought that a show like this was to foster togetherness among the schools and that each student would have been given the opportunity to support their school to the fullest.{{more}} I would have thought that since it was secondary school children, the opportunity would have been used to instill values in our schools, while motivating and encouraging each contestant. I read in a previous letter that the Ministry of Education had no involvement in this show, but what struck me most was the cost of this show and the time. The organizers’ quest to me was to make money from an already well sponsored show and forget many fundamentals. How can a school show with our students be at a cost of $25 and start at 8 p.m.? What are we encouraging? Are we encouraging our schoolchildren to steal and run away from home to attend this show? What was the real intent? A price and time comparison to that of Ms SVG! Who is responsible for getting these young boys and girls back in their parents’ home after a show that finishes in the morning, rather than parading in bars and on the streets in Kingstown or even getting involved in sexual activities? How can we expect the contestants to be properly supported by their school when the cost of the show is a week’s allowance for most children and the start time is bedtime for some of our students. If the organizers want to show that they can organize a show equivalent to Ms SVG or even better, do not use our students. We wonder why our children are behaving the way that they are; we need to look at no one but ourselves.

Concerned Parent