Our Readers' Opinions
November 13, 2015
Attention all guitarists

Editor: I write to give guitarists some information which I expect may be of interest to them.

Some time ago, my musician friend “Spragetts” sent me a “Guitar Chord Finder” from the USA as a gift. He knew that I had to stop playing the trumpet because of a heart problem and that I took up the guitar instead. One thing he didn’t know is that I had a similar book with more information.{{more}}

Surprisingly, and over time as I practised, I discovered 11 errors in the book given to me and two in the other. These were obviously printers’ errors and I brought them to the attention of the publishers, whose address was printed on the cover of the books. To date I have not received a reply and I didn’t bother to find out where anything could be done – or not done – in my favour, considering the fact that both books would have been paid for in order to get correct information.

If there is anyone who is interested in confirming the errors by looking through the books, you may call me at cell phone # 528-0631 or pay me a visit at the Thompson Home. I shall be happy to assist you and it is quite possible that more errors may be found.


Raul Soso