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November 6, 2015
Out of hand behaviour on school buses

Editor: “Out ah hand, dem ah get out ah hand!” Jamaican artiste “Yellowman” sang these words about young girls some years ago. Today, in the school buses, especially two buses that run on the Leeward side, the students, both girls and boys, are really out of hand with their conduct.{{more}}

It has become a habit where male students are “feeling up” female students – their breasts, buttocks etc, while the bus is on its journey. Some girls tolerate this and are apparently enjoying it. Some of these girls are even daughters of religious leaders – pastors etc. These parents seem not to be aware of this happening to their daughters.

A pastor may think that his daughter is from a “Christian” home, so she won’t be involved in nasty behaviour on the school bus or somewhere else. “Christian” home or not, parents need to get more involved in their children’s lives. Parents, do you want your teenage daughter greeting you with a big belly sooner or later? Do you want a broken heart? Tighten up parents! Give sound guidance to your children; help them avoid getting involved in improper conduct, whether boy or girl. Perhaps the Ministry of Education and the Government can think of installing cameras in the school buses to lessen and hopefully prevent the animal-like conduct of the students. This might sound weird, but it is already done in some other countries. If you wish, check this link: http://www.seon.com/school-bus-safety/school-bus-camera-systems