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October 23, 2015
Serve the nation’s children; don’t let money be the top priority

Editor: Teaching is a noble profession. Thus teachers must be admired and loved. However, much has changed today since the increase in technology. As a result, teaching is easier today in terms of the giving out of information by the teacher to the students.

In days gone by, teachers taught for the love of the profession and people. Money was not the bottom line, but rather having satisfaction that they helped to mould the minds of many. {{more}}Today, I believe that many past teachers can sit peacefully in their homes in this their golden years, knowing that they have done their best.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge three of the many teachers who did a good job in passing knowledge to me both at primary and at secondary school. These persons are:

(i) Mr Leopold Anthony, who is my unofficial unsung hero. He is someone who dedicated his life to educating others and who was truly dedicated to his task.

(ii) Mrs Jean Walker, a very disciplined and honest teacher who gave of her best and also (iii) Mr F I Jack, whose quiet disposition should not be mistaken for his discipline, love and dedication to the profession he so loved. They were hard workers.

Teachers used to be role models and were like mothers and fathers in the community. They commanded respect by all. It was then a very respectable profession. Sadly, today teaching has changed, where money matters over the satisfaction of knowing that they helped mould the lives of so many persons and having the satisfaction of seeing many of their students become doctors, lawyers, nurses, preachers, politicians, just to name a few.

While we admire the hard work of many dedicated teachers, we bemoan the fact that there are selected few whose love is not for the profession or people, but rather for money, prestige and power.

Let us support our dear teachers and pray for them. However, I urge teachers to be someone who loves people and the profession. Let not the lover of money be the number one priority. I encourage those teachers who have allowed politics to get in their way of performing admirably to lay it aside. To all teachers, may you find it in your heart to serve the nation’s children to the best of your ability and don’t let money be the top priority.

Every one is important and so are the teachers. All the best to the teachers and to those who have simply been the bad ones; it is time to wake up and teach for the love of people and the profession.

Kennard King