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October 16, 2015
Management committee needed for Rose Bank Community Centre

Editor: Approximately half of a million dollars was spent on renovating the Rose Bank Community Centre. It is about two years now since the renovation was completed, yet to date there is no management committee in place.{{more}}

The failure to do so is indeed cause for concern. It is the policy of the Ministry responsible for social development to have a management committee in charge of every community centre. Efforts have so far failed to see the implementation of such a management committee.

Absence of such a management committee can result in several problems, such as the deterioration of the building, since there would not be an upkeep of the building, maintaining the electricity and proper functioning of the washrooms and other facilities present in the building. At present there is need for chairs and other furniture, but with no committee in place who will make the request for such and also ensure that this furniture, when granted, is kept in good condition?

The cleaning of the surroundings is also important, thus the need for a committee. With the absence of such a committee, there will be no supervision of the building to ensure that it is not abused. The question that still remains unanswered is why to date, after two years, there is no management committee in place. Who, therefore, is responsible for the paying of the utility bills for the centre and the upkeep of it?

I, therefore, call upon the Ministry of Social Development to install a broad-based management committee. In doing so, it would ensure that the building is kept in good condition and maintained effectively.

I would also recommend that the wall adjacent to the centre be lifted a little higher. At present, it is in line with the road. Therefore, a couple feet higher will be most welcome, as it would add a little comfort and safety to both pedestrians and motorists.

Kennard King