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October 9, 2015
Beware of where you park your vehicle along waterfront

Editor: Before I go into the topic, I must say thanks to BRAGSA for the many repairs that they are doing on the roads. It is indeed a help. Thank you, BRAGSA.{{more}}

For sometime now there has been a regular occurrence of persons breaking into vehicles parked along the waterfront behind Quality Paints. These incidents normally occur in broad daylight, yet to this day no one has been arrested. Drivers of vehicles must be warned not to park their vehicles there. For, in doing so, you are unfortunately at risk. The sad thing is that it seems as if there is no use making a report to the police station. I say this, because when a complaint is made, you are sometimes told that you should have known not to park your vehicle there. How can the vehicle drivers know that parking there is risky when it is not illegal to park there and also there is, to my knowledge, no notice or information from the police concerning parking there. If I am wrong, I am subject to correction.

To be fair to the police, they would normally go on the scene and take a statement and look at the state of vehicle. But to date, no one has been arrested. This is why I say it seems to be useless making a report, because, in the end, you get no justice and the perpetrators are still on the loose.

I think it is time that something is done about the situation. I recommend a strong police presence in that area. After all, it is a parking area that is not illegal. Come to think of it, the paid parking lots are many times full, so what must a person do, especially on a Friday, or when there is some activity in town. Where must persons park their vehicles when the paid parking lots are filled?

I am afraid if nothing is done, sooner rather than later, those vehicle owners will take matters into their hands and the end result would be death. It is sad, but true; but when this occurs, the person who decides to take matters into his hand will end up behind bars for protecting his property, as a result of the

failure by police to bring about a solution. I also call upon persons who have knowledge of the perpetrators to give the information to police, considering that the next victim might be a close friend or even you.

I trust that we, as vehicle owners, may one day have the pleasure of again being able to park our vehicles there. Sometimes a person parks their vehicle at that spot just for a brief moment, because it is convenient and he/she may not have the cash to be paying daily for parking. So, please, Mr Commissioner, do something before it turns sour.

Kennard King