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October 6, 2015
‘Sleeping Policemen’ in South Leeward will save lives

Editor: The South Leeward highway is presently under construction and it is appalling to see the driving style of some motorists. To give an example, motorists have been seen overtaking three vehicles at once, travelling at a good pace, in the Big Bush (Rillan) to Chauncey area, while honking horns as if to indicate they have the right of way. What is going to happen when the South Leeward Highway is completed?{{more}}

“Sleeping policemen”(speed bumps) at ALL pedestrian crossings will make it safer for pedestrians. They should be placed at locations such as Buccament Bus Shed, Sol Gas Station in Cane Grove, Chauncey Bus Shed, the Questelles school area, CWSA etc. They should also be placed before brows such as the one at Lowmans Hill and Chauncey. Such speed bumps will deter motorists from speeding in areas of high pedestrian and emerging traffic.

As a concerned road user, I do wish that those who are responsible will take these things into consideration before the work on the South Leeward Highway is completed.

A Concerned Road User