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October 6, 2015
Importance of parental influence on children

Editor: The recent sex video and actions by the children are cause for concern. Children are products of the home. The society and nation are also products of the home. Thus, in most cases, the homes are held responsible for good and bad. This recent development brings to the forefront the challenges faced in parenting today, as against years gone by.{{more}}

The influence of the media and technology play an important role in the lives of children. The desire for parents to educate their children and also develop themselves financially has given rise to neglect of quality time spent with the children. Many times, the Internet and the friends at school have a greater influence on children’s behaviour. For, what we considered as immoral, is now accepted by society and is seen as the way to go.

So when children are given the freedom to do as they desire, they sometimes do so without parental guidance. So, when parental guidance is lacking and they are left up to themselves, they, many times, choose a path that allows them to fit into the circle of friends.

It is sad that parents have become too busy to spend quality time with their children and to instruct them in the right way. It is unfortunate that in many homes daddy is missing in action. For he can be a guiding force. So many children are left feeling unloved and seek acceptance elsewhere. Thus, they end up in the wrong circle of friends.

Parents are to become their children’s best friends. The children should be able to relate to their parents freely. Also with the influence of technology, children are influenced by what they see. This, then, makes it harder for parents to monitor and guide their children. Therefore, it is at this stage that many parents lose their children, since they are influenced by what they see on the Internet, namely, PORNOGRAPHY. At school, they would hear about it, since many children are left unsupervised. For, when parents think that their children are occupied doing school work, they are watching pornographic things.

With the neglect faced by some children, they end up being part of the wrong circle of friends who lead them down the wrong path. It is, therefore, important that parents supervise their children effectively. The parents should be an influence on the children and also show them love and acceptance. Most importantly, in these days and times, praying for and with your children ought to be the top priority. For, when they leave home, they are faced with so much pressure and the devil is not silent, but busy trying to destroy the lives of our loved ones. It is time we get back to the good old days of family devotions, Sunday schools and giving our hearts to the Lord. Let us save our children; they need our help and direction.

Kennard King