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October 2, 2015
Parents – Talk! Talk! Talk to your children!

Editor: Bam, Bam, Bam!!!!!! Shame!!!!! What a disgrace!!!! Yes, that sex tape that went viral!!!!

Parents, are you really seeing the need to talk to your teenage girls? In fact, are you seeing the need to talk to ALL of your children, boys or girls, regardless of their ages? We do not wish for any man or woman to take advantage of / to abuse any of our girls or boys.{{more}} Put yourself in the place of the parents of those girls featured in the sex tape. How would you be feeling now? Can you imagine the pain you would have been experiencing? So, if you are a parent who is not in the habit of talking to your children, why not start NOW? It may be hard, but you can admit to your children that you should have been talking to them more before, but you wish to start doing so now. It is NOT too late! Tell your children that you want to know what’s happening with them at school, and at anywhere they go, such as visiting relatives etc. Tell them you want to protect them from any harm because you love them. Give them advice on how to protect themselves from sexual predators. Perhaps the TV station can run a programme giving parents ideas to help and protect their children. Monitor what your children do on the Internet. Try to know who their friends are online, at school and elsewhere. Remember, you don’t want your child to be on a sex tape going viral in the near or distant future! Parents can also ask other well-respected parents who raised their children successfully for advice on what they can do to help their own children.

Speak to your children about sex matters, letting them know that sex can wait until the right time, the time that the Creator says it should take place, in marriage. Parents, do you really love your children? Then talk! talk! talk to your children!

In Children’s Interest!