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September 22, 2015
The fable of the Grenadines yachtsman, a cautionary tale

Editor: “My yacht was just boarded, and the crew is being attacked; I’m on my cell phone, is this the local police?”

“…We’re busy right now with more urgent matters. Call the Coastguard at their new US$2 million base, right where you are in Canouan. We don’t have the number, but you can Google it.”{{more}}

“Hello, is this the Canouan Coastguard?”

“…This number is not in service. We are expecting funding soon that will allow you to make a connection, and anyway we can’t be everywhere, you know.”

“Hello, is this the St Vincent and the Grenadines Police?”

“…I’m sorry, all lines are busy just now, but we expect funding soon to alleviate this problem. As soon as the new airport is completed with the additional US$16 million dollars that have been requested to finalize its construction, we may soon be able to request monies to remedy this situation…please hold.”

“Hello! My wife is being raped and my crew has been murdered! Can anyone help?”

“….This is the St Vincent and the Grenadines Board of Tourism. Our offices are closed right now, but if you call back Monday through Friday between the hours of…”