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September 22, 2015
Is the NDP really ready for upcoming general elections?

Editor: The NDP is seeking to win this upcoming elections whenever it is held. But are they really ready? Here are some reasons why you should not vote NDP.

1. When they were in power they closed down factories at Campden Park and other places like Diamond Dairy and stone crushers, thus creating more unemployment.{{more}}

2. While they had surpluses, schools were on shift system and schools lacked teachers.

3. The hospital and rural clinics were short of nurses.

4. Civil servants, including teachers, were amongst the lowest paid workers in the Caribbean. The only country where their workers were receiving a lower pay was Haiti.

5. Despite having a surplus, there was more dirt poor poverty than now. When ULP took over in 2001 the dirt poor poverty rate was 27 per cent compared to less than five per cent now.

6. Today NDP does not have a plan. Imagine its leader when asked what are his 5 – 15 year plans said to ask RALPH.

7. Today NDP continues to demonize RALPH, but has very little plans.

8. NDP today has not told the nation how they plan to revive the economy. They have not offered any convincing arguments as to how they will get funds to revive the economy, except by selling of Vincentian passports.

9. A vote for NDP would mean a cut in employment, since they said that the wage bill is too high.

10. Rejecting its founder Sir James Mitchell. Hmm, how ungrateful and proud are they.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are only few of the many reasons why NDP should not be elected to office. Whereas, there are many reasons why Vincentians should vote ULP back into office. I will do that at another time.

A Political Analyst