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September 18, 2015
Congrats to KFC on re-opening the Arnos Vale outlet

Editor: Congratulations are in order for the reopening of KFC at Arnos Vale. The crowds that are there on a daily basis show the love of Vincentians for such a fast food. There can be no doubt that our KFC is amongst the tastiest in the world. Indeed, Vincy chefs are amongst the best in the world.{{more}}

The number system, which at first posed a problem in terms of the length of time it took for a customer to be served is working very well. A customer is quickly served. Thus the staff and management must be complimented. The staff is always busy at work and hardworking.

I trust that the hard-working staff would be well taken care of with health insurance, compensation package in the case of workers getting damaged or sick on the job. Having said that, we have to be conscious of the many challenges that the company would face, such as the importation of materials such as the glasses, bags etc. Maybe the time has come for local business to take up the challenge of supplying these materials, so as to cut the cost and also would ensure that they too have a share in the business. It would also reduce the cost of production by KFC.

I know many would agree with me that the price of KFC can be lower. I guess if local businesses take on the challenge to supply these items, it can reduce the cost of production and thus lower the price of KFC.

As a franchise, they have targets to reach quarterly and also a certain standard to maintain. This will means that the company has to do very well to stay afloat. For even when they make millions of dollars in profit and they fall below the target set by those in America they would be considered as not doing well. Also, if the standard of the chicken is below the standard as set by the head office, they would be considered substandard.

Let me wish KFC all the best and trust that the problems encountered by the former franchise holder would not be encountered. I know that Vincentians would continue to support KFC.

Kennard King