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September 15, 2015
Vincentian dictators

Editor: Vincentians, today, I am asking us to tune out of the emotions and just rent logic and reason for a brief moment in considering our behaviour, as it relates to politics. Many posit that the ULP administration is a DICTATORSHIP, but are INDIVIDUAL Vincentians the REAL dictators?{{more}}

I will examine the claim of dictatorship lodged against the ULP in a moment, but right now, I want to deal with the charge I am making here against the Vincentian people as individuals. When one individual seeks to destroy another individual solely on the basis of that other individual’s ideology, belief, politics, etc, is the destroyer acting as a dictator?

Now, let us be honest with ourselves. Does an individual have the RIGHT to THINK or FEEL how he or she wants without being harassed, intimidated, castigated, lied on, set upon, etc, etc? Does an individual have the right to befriend whom he or she likes without any forms of retaliation? Does an individual have the right to support a political party of his or her choosing without being demonized?

Vincentians, many of you I do not know. I have only engaged you on Facebook. I have never in any instance attacked, degraded, castigated or in anyway tried to retaliate against you for supporting any party. I declared my support for the ULP. I engage in discussions on Facebook and YES, I make arguments that paint them in a good light. That is what a supporter does.

Now, I hope that you still possess logic and reason because I am going to ask the tough question. Please tell me why should my DECISION to support the ULP render me an ENEMY to anyone? When an individual attacks me in a personal way simply because of my political views, isn’t that individual a dictator? Why did Pol Pot murder thousands? Why did Idi Amin murder thousands? Why did Saddam Hussein murder thousands? Why did Hitler murder millions?

Every Vincentian that retaliates against another solely on the basis of that individual’s difference, whether it is in ideology, skin colour, wealth, etc, is essentially a dictator. These Vincentians are no different from Hitler, Idi Amin or other dictator in MIND or attitude. If given the power, they WILL kill all those that they deem different. You kill us each day in your limited way when you spread your hate messages through Inbox.

Some of you might be messing yourselves right about now because you know that I know the SNAKE that you are. You frame yourselves as being neutral, but you are manipulating the minds of the people to your political party. You initiated a relationship with me to fuel my attack on the ULP. After I was able to make my own assessment, I stopped allowing myself to be manipulated by you. Now you are angry and are recruiting individuals to cuss me?

I always work in the light. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I cannot say the same about you. I have ALL of my communications with you from the first time you Inboxed me. I will keep them private for now. I respect your privacy and I am big enough to ignore your lies in public, unless of course they are directed at my character. I am certainly not a dictator and I am not suicidal either.

The people within the NDP that behave as dictators are just too foolish to realize that my engagement with them is what motivates me to speak out against the party. Why? I am a student of history and I have seen dictators in the making, as well as in full bloom. Gonsalves and ULP are not dictators. If they were, Vincentians in the homeland wouldn’t have access to Facebook and if they did, they couldn’t say one negative word against Gonsalves. Any educated and honest individual must admit that.

In my engagement with Vincentians, I find the supporters of the NDP most dictatorial, from Marlon Bute in the Movement to the Warrahoons in the hog pen. At least the Warrahoons are honest in stating that they don’t allow free speech that is supportive of the ULP. Mr Eustace validated that when he came to America.

Helena R Edwards