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September 23, 2014
A vote for NDP, what does it mean?

Tue, Sep 23, 2014

Editor: A vote for the NDP means many things. It would be interesting to vote for the NDP and to have an NDP Government. I am dead serious and not joking when I talk about what a vote for the NDP means.

Come to think about it, a vote for NDP will mean a reduction in the civil service. If you think I lie, ask Dr Linton Lewis who said that the police force has too many persons. You can ask Hon St Claire Leacock who says that VINLEC is overstaffed, which means they would downsize the staff; thus many workers would be sent home.{{more}} They also said that the public service salary bill is too high. So, you know what that means, retrenchment. Hmmm, I am not lying.

With Caribbean countries sending home workers by the thousands, as BARBADOS does and cutting in salary like Jamaica, Grenada and now St Lucia, we have to be thankful we are being paid on time and no cut in the salary and people are still being employed. Indeed, a vote for NDP would mean the opposite, where there would be retrenchment, cut in salaries and no, increase in employment since Mr Eustace does not have the answer to the world’s economic problems. He is more concerned with balancing the books and surplus.

A vote for the NDP would mean an end to housing projects. In the reign of the NDP they never built any and this group of men headed by Eustace is afraid to beg for aid or financial help. They are too lazy and lack the skills to go and establish foreign relationships with countries that have money. We know how important foreign relationships are and how important it is to be able to get assistance from them. The NDP lacks that skill. How do I know? Look at their record and the fact that they criticize Gonsalves in many cases for his foreign relationships. They seem to think that he is a dictator and a communist because of his foreign relationships with countries like Libya, Venezuela and Cuba, just to name a few.

The NDP we know criticizes almost everything and has decided not to cooperate with the Government except for elections. So, if I am thinking right, it means that even if something good is happening, they would criticize it and if a good bill is passed in the house they would criticize it. Wow, look at some men who say they love Vincentians. A vote therefore for NDP would mean a support for backwardness.

Imagine rather than praising the Vector Control for their hard work, the North Leeward MP is pulling down the hard workers of the Vector Control by saying that they are not doing enough and they not fogging as often as they should. He even says it is not the mosquitoes that are causing the chikungunya. Look at that! These men lack knowledge and fail to compliment when it is due. So, a vote for NDP means a vote for men who do not have this country at heart and who are lazy to do research and downright ignorant of facts. Hmmm, a vote for NDP means that we would be governed by men who lack knowledge and understanding.

So, if you want a government who loves to talk about chicken and don’t deliver, vote NDP. If you want a government that keep our young people away from jobs and deny them the opportunity to develop themselves academically, and then vote NDP. But I know Vincentians and our young people are intelligent; they want work, houses and education. So, why should anyone vote the NDP. I call them the National Destroying Party.

I gone until next time.

Political observer