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September 19, 2014

James’ ACE Programme gets an A plus!

Fri Sep 19, 2014

Editor: I read in your publication of the 5th September 2014 about a programme being launched for students from communities in North Leeward. As I recall the programme was dubbed “Access to College Education Programme (ACEP)”. I want to document here my heartiest congratulations to lawyer Carlos James, who is also the Unity Labour Party candidate for the North Leeward constituency, for launching such a vital programme.{{more}}

As a single parent I fully endorse the programme. I understand the struggle of sending children to school without the necessary financial support to do so. I have been coping with my four children; the two boys are expected to go off to college next year, and I am hoping that Mr James continues this programme so that poor people’s children can have access to post-secondary education.

I pray that he continues the wonderful work he is doing in the constituency of North Leeward. Mr James is a beacon of hope to the youths in North Leeward. The children are indeed the future and his dedication to youth development should not go unnoticed. He is down to earth and connects well with the youths and if he keeps this up this will certainly see his journey to Parliament. It is in Parliament he would be able to better represent the people of North Leeward, both young and old.

What I like most about his recent initiative is that he credited the Unity Labour Party government and Dr Ralph E Gonsalves for the tremendous work in education, in his words: “I am pleased to see these students benefit under the education revolution and our access to college education programme only enhances the government’s education policy.” This clearly shows that Mr James fashioned the programme to compliment the work of this government in expanding the education system.

Our North Leeward children with their seven and eight CXCs no longer have to depend solely on the YES programme after school, but can be assured the support for further education, thanks to Mr James.

We applaud you, sir and keep up the good work. You have certainly hit the ground running.

E Edwards (Ms)