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September 12, 2014

Fri Sep 12, 2014

Written by Yvette Gittens

This generation better look out

It’s not about the pushing of your mouth

It shows by the way they speak and treat their fellowmen

Mothers, fathers, elders and children

Some parents scold their children by using obscene words

And when these children grow up

We wonder why all the fighting, killing and disrespect

What a generation oh my heart yearns

They go to the workplace and still no respect

They cause endless distress and uneasiness

Talking to their co-workers, how they feel like

This negative attitude is definitely not right

Respect builds character and tells who we are

It sets good standards and raises the bar

With it we should try to be consistent and wise

Be forgiving and true and not be in disguise

Stop the gossiping and stop the lies

Speak less of self and try to speak more of Christ

I know He’ll cleanse you and change your ways

And you’ll be a better person down through lives years.