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August 19, 2014

Excellent exam results – now what?

Tue Aug 19, 2014

Editor: Congratulations to the many students who did so well at the recent external examinations. Your success is yet another piece of evidence how the application of the right attitude, hard work, sacrifice and hunger for greatness can produce positive returns.{{more}} No doubt several students will move on to local or overseas colleges, and others to work, if possible. Regrettably, some will fall through the cracks of the system, either because of lack of desire or lack of opportunities.

The situation begs a bigger question though – what is our national plan for success for the people of SVG? And whilst this question is multifaceted, it must not cause us to be afraid to put it and indeed answer it. For this opinion, the focus is on our children and how they fit into and contribute to our society. Where is the national plan that says we need to fill some critical roles in our social infrastructure and, as such, our scholarship dollars are only to be allocated in these areas? For example, who will be the next radiologist or orthopaedic surgeon? Where will the next expert on tourism product development come from? Or who will be our next entrepreneurs? Without a national plan, we continue doing the same things we have done in the past, throwing good money in the wind, yet expecting a different result.

As our children prove to us, yet again, what they are capable of in terms of success, we must not disappoint them with lack of structure and purpose. This is the only way our intentional actions will have any meaningful and sustainable impact on our society.

There is just too much talk in our society – it’s time for considered and intentional actions.

Ormond A Williams