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August 12, 2014

To reduce crimes, Dr Linton Lewis must call for arrest of NDP Facebook terrorists

Tue Aug 12, 2014

Editor: I am told that Dr Lewis was the first Vincentian or West Indian to receive a PhD in law. Thus, I want to believe that he is an expert on things legal and illegal. Therefore, I would like Dr Lewis to tell us about some of the causation of crimes in a country and in particular, the increased crimes in Vincy since the ULP took over.{{more}}

At the NDP Town Hall meeting at Friends of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, on August 9, 2014, Dr Lewis talked about the increase crimes in Vincy since the ULP took over in 2001. He noted that these crimes were being committed by individuals under the age of 35. I would like to know how many of the 25 murders were committed by 14-year-olds and under? These would be individuals that were born and raised under the ULP government and we can attribute their environmental influences to the ULP leadership! Any individual that is more than 14 years old would have been conditioned by the NDP government that ruled the country from 1984 to 2001. So, let’s do the analysis and find the exact age range of the criminals that are destroying the reputation of the country.

Also, since Dr Lewis is such an expert on crimes and the increase in crimes, we would like for him to tell us how the unruly behaviour of NDP senior citizens impacts the youth in SVG? When children used to be taught to be respectful in church and to respect their elders, how was the crime rate then? How does the recent unruly behaviour of the NDP rogues at Lynch’s funeral affect the crime rate in SVG? Does this behaviour deter crime or inspire crime?

While we are discussing influence of elders on the youth, let us ask Dr Lewis for an analysis on how the behaviour of popular radio personalities that spew the NDP hatred for the ruling government in the country impacts the crime statistics? Do these spreaders of venom through the airwaves promote a civil society or do they inspire crimes in the country?

Finally, ask Dr Lewis to give us a detailed Action Plan as to how an NDP administration will reduce crimes in the country? Would they arrest individuals who promote civil unrest? If they do, they will have to call for the arrest of some of their most vocal mouthpieces, NDP Facebook terrorists and the unruly mob that disrupted E G Lynch’s funeral! So, tell Dr Lewis the news about the increased crime is not a new headline. All Vincentians are aware of the chaos and confusion that is prevalent in the country. It has also overtaken Facebook and therefore it has become an international dilemma.

When we have NDP mouthpieces and NDP Facebook terrorists [name withheld] who called me a “bitch” and “an old hoe” are the ones spreading the party message, it’s clear to anyone with common sense that NDP is the problem. Therefore, you Mr Lewis must put your NDP house in order before you come to Vincentians with your well presented propaganda.

Helena R Edwards