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August 12, 2014

Are we a lawless nation?

Tue Aug 12, 2014

Editor: The question needs to be asked, “Are we a lawless nation?” When we look at the way we operate as individuals, it makes us wonder about such a question. The recently held show where the organizers had to apologize for the nude way the young ladies dressed and their behaviour is a prime example. This behaviour at the show is only a reflection of the way some of our ladies adorn themselves in public and also the way they were allowed to dress by parents.{{more}}

We seemed to lack the respect for others and even for the house of God. We take pleasure in dishonouring God as our creator and we seem not to be concerned with loving each other. We seem to enjoy breaking laws in many forms without any shame.

Could you imagine, we urinate anywhere we feel like. We throw garbage out of vans and vehicles at will. We destroy the wildlife and block the drains all in the name of freedom. Indeed, this country seems to be a country that seems to have more freedom than most nations, so much so that we have become lawless. We destroy characters of persons, we fail to forgive, and we seem to think that because there is freedom, each of us can do whatever we want to do without any consequence.

We no longer know how to love and forgive. We seem to think that each of us has the right to slander and destroy each other publicly. We seem to think that it is our right to behave in a sexually loose way and dress in similar way without giving consideration to the feelings of others. We have indeed lost our way.

We have allowed politics to divide us and create enemies, while the politicians are friends. Indeed, we are a lawless nation, where we have created our own standards contrary to God. We have also developed hatred for others due to politics. We have even become haters of God’s word. What a situation to be a lawless nation where the fear of God is absent.

I, therefore, call on us as a people to return to morality and let us become a nation of love and standards. Let it not be said that we are a lawless nation. Rather let us as a people be a Christian and a God fearing nation, where morality, love and respect for God are upheld.

Kennard King