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July 25, 2014
Learn to respect the rights of others!

Fri Jun 25, 2014

Editor: Do you know what is called the “Golden Rule”? At times we love to repeat it: “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” Repeating it may be easy but trying to follow it may be very hard for many persons. Let’s take the example of funerals. Do we follow the Golden Rule in this matter?{{more}}

Religions vary in the way they conduct funeral services. Some may perform certain rites while others may not; some religions may conduct long funeral services while other religions may conduct a shorter service. Some religions may march to the cemetery with music, singing, and dancing, accompanied with drums and tambourines while other religions may not. At times, some persons complain, display out of order behaviour, (e.g. deliberately making noise and obstructing the service) even use indecent language if they attend a funeral where the preacher does not conduct the service in the way they like, or if the march to the cemetery is done without the accompaniment of music, drums etc.
Unfortunately, some who claim to be Christians and go to church regularly are among those who behave disorderly and display outright rudeness. Such ones should remember the “Golden Rule” and ask themselves: Would I like it if someone who has a belief different from mine were to try to dictate how my church should conduct a funeral service? If not, then is it fair for me to dictate how another person’s church should conduct its funeral service? It’s high time that we behave in a civilised manner. Follow the Golden Rule. Learn to respect the opinions of others, regardless of their religion. DO NOT try to dictate how a religion should conduct its funeral service.
You may not agree with a person’s opinion and you have that right. In the same way, the other person has the right to disagree with you too. So let us be sensible and civilised in our attitude toward any religion that has beliefs different from ours. Respect each religion’s RIGHT to perform a funeral service in its own way, just as you wish that others respect your religion’s RIGHT to perform a funeral service its own way. That’s practising the Golden Rule that Christ gave. I commend persons who show respect for the RIGHTS of religions other than their own. Keep doing so. Let us ALL learn to respect the RIGHTS of others.