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July 25, 2014

Eustace and church minister need to apologise to the PM

Fri Jun 25, 2014

Editor: I am writing this email to say how ashamed and embarrassed I am to be a Vincentian. There are no words to describe the embarrassment and to know how toxic people are.{{more}}

We are all human beings and entitled to our own opinions and responsible for our behaviour, but when adult human beings go into the house of God with that kind of behaviour the only way to describe them is toxic.

As a little girl growing up, I knew Lynch and what he did to the people of Georgetown when he was working at the post office. I am sure the people who he has hurt and done wrong have forgiven him and may his soul rest in peace.

As the saying goes behind every successful man there is a good woman. Behind every country there is a good leader. July 1984, James Mitchell won the general elections and became the New Democratic Party leader. He remained the leader until his retirement.

After Sir James Mitchell retirement!!!! Arnhim Eustace took over from October 27, 2000 to March 29,2001 (FIVE MONTHS). The people of St Vincent and the Grenadines decided they needed a change by voting for a new leader on March 29, 2001, Mr Gonsalves.

My question is what is their problem. There is bad everywhere, as human being just have to survive the ups and downs and ride the storms. We all have every day challenges but it’s important to remember the good and the bad.

I think Arnhim Eustace and his people along with the minister who did the funeral service need to apologise to Mr Gonsalves for their inappropriate, immature and lack of respect behaviour. It was very embarrassing. The people of St Vincent and Grenadines need to curb their thoughtless actions and learn to adjust themselves in situations. We are called to be godly people who think, feel and act in harmony.

Jeanette Daniel