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July 18, 2014
Lawyer writes to FLOW/Columbus

Fri Jul 18, 2014

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have tried several times over the past week to speak to your manager with no success!

Most times the line is busy and when I reach an employee I was told that I must speak to that employee as if the manager is not available to his customers.{{more}}

I must express my utter dismay at the unilateral way you have changed our TV channels without any consultation whatsoever to ascertain which channels are most watched.

I act on behalf of several Vincentians who are outraged by your decision to remove MSNBC and GSN from your line up of available channels

In addition many of the new channels are very poor in quality. We prefer quality to quantity.

For most channels the numbers or channel logos are so indistinct even on the best of TV sets!

Can you kindly explain how you decided to bring broadcasting from channel 100+ up?

Why did you not publish clear information regarding the replacement numbers for all channels?

I am at a loss to figure out the channels especially as the display is so poor!!

I trust you will deem it important to respond ASAP and that you will make yourself accessible to your patrons.

Yours Truly,

Kay Bacchus Browne

Note: Flow responded by telephone and by letter but the problems remain unchanged.