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July 1, 2014
An open letter to Mr Jomo Thomas and the Prime Minister

Tue Jul 01, 2014

Dear Mr Thomas and Dr Gonsalves, Mr Jomo Thomas what constituency are you living in? And why not try and run for your constituency in which you are presently living; why are you forcing yourself on the people in South Leeward? You said you have family ties in that area, but how much of your family is supporting you? In recent times gone by, you formed your own party PMC; what really became of that party? What happened?{{more}} Did you not have enough leadership skills to run your own party? You kick up so much against the Prime Minister and the ULP, so how come you want to be full time candidate and want to give Mr Williams a hard time now? What are you, a dictator or an authoritarian leader ? Please leave South Leeward seat for the people to determine who they want to represent them.

Mr Thomas, you are not really a people person; is now you are offering yourself up for candidacy, you want the general public to believe that you are there for them. Why see something in the day and take flambeau and look for it in the night? What really is your motive? Did you join the party for your own personal reason, or are you trying to get back at the Prime Minister and the general secretary? You once said the Prime Minister took away your job and Julian Francis refused to give you a party card. What is your relationship with Mr Grenville Williams? If you lose the run-off will you continue to support the party or encourage the people to support Mr Williams? Please let not bring ‘basa basa’ to what you have to offer us. We, the people, said if you win the run-off fair and square we will join hand in hand and support you to get rid of Mr Stevenson, but if we do not get a run-off, the PM can’t send you to us. We are telling you plain and straight “NO RUN-OFF, NO SOUTH LEEWARD.”

And my dear Prime Minister, this time we are not going to follow you. You want to lead South Leeward people over the cliff with another Timothy Harris? Is Jomo the leader of the PMC? When he loses South Leeward would he bring back his party with Oscar? We are writing this letter with red pen. Following this, your next letter would be in yellow pen. If you don’t believe, wait until the bell is rung. You can’t push Jomo down our throats. We want to choose who we want and our choice is Grenville Williams for South Leeward. Do you think the chosen few can stay behind an iron curtain and send someone down in South Leeward for us to vote for him? Why a run-off for North Leeward, Central Leeward, Mespo, North Windward and yours, but none for South Leeward? South Leeward is not voting cattle. Let us have our run-off. Are you afraid Grenville will win? Is ULP becoming a dictator party? The constitution says different. Let’s have a run-off and the winner will be well supported. If no run-off, stand by, nature, to take your course.

Thank you.

F. Cruickshank