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June 24, 2014
World Cup provides us with opportunities to develop

Tue, Jun 24, 2014

Editor: 2014 June/July is soccer World Cup activity and St Vincent and the Grenadines national cultural festival. Greetings to all in the diaspora and welcome to all visiting and experiencing the festival, also may the World Cup team you are supporting satisfy your wishes.{{more}}

Let’s wish that CONCACAF teams do very well, because it will bring all of us bigger remittances and more attention and technical support.

Congratulations again to Computec Masters for winning the Masters Soccer Tournament in Barbados.

While sponsors of the FIFA are concerned with the allegation of bribery which allowed Ouatar to host the 2022 World Cup, FIFA is more concerned with how SVGFF is spending their money. Should our sponsors, affiliates and supporters be concerned with the problems the SVGFF executives are experiencing? All involved in soccer must now await the process of the FIFA investigation.

This transition period our sport is going through should encourage all to reflect on its situation and their decisions; also to start making the necessary preparation to put its house in order.

Sporting organisations have been receiving financial and technical assistance from their parent bodies for over 20 years, some more than others. Over 12 years, all have had the use of the Internet at their fingertips, where necessary information of development and visual images of training and coaching can be reached, yet very little improvement in our performance has been shown.

Now, Channel 200 is giving all an additional opportunity to see and to analyse themselves, their teammates and opponents; therefore they should take full advantage of these components, as they can be used to enhance and improve performances.

Coaches, players, affiliates and supporters, after viewing the World Cup prepare to develop your sport. I hope your wishes come through and that you enjoy the festival.

Rollit Walrond