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June 24, 2014

PM, Frank is the wrong choice

Tue, Jun 24, 2014

Editor, I am a Vincentian who loves his country, but our blessed country St Vincent and the Grenadines has a major problem that has been bothering me, and it is the high level of disrespect we have for each other.{{more}}

I am not a trained journalist, but I am in love with the profession. Kenton Chance of I Witness News keeps saying persons like me are simply media workers. As a media practitioner, I was privileged to have met persons like Glen Jackson (deceased), Elson Crick, Jomo Thomas, Bernard Joseph, Chester Connell and Jerry George. The person who left a major impression on me was Glen Jackson.

Today, I’m wondering what is taking place in the industry by persons who should know better.

While Vincentians enjoy talk show programmes on radio, I’m wondering if the persons who host these programmes know the importance of the programmes. The persons who host programmes for the Unity Labour Party, just to name a few are: Clem Ballah, Edwin Snagg, O.B. Brown and Hans King.

Do you think they are doing a good job? Supporters of the Unity Labour Party would say yes. The Prime Minister expressed his disappointment with several persons who host radio programmes for the Unity Labour Party. They are making it even more difficult to win the next general elections.

I have noticed that the Prime Minister has turned to Frank that is a total waste of time! The Prime Minister should never trust a person like Frank. The Prime Minister should take some time to listen to the things Frank said about him.

The Prime Minister should remember he once had a conversation with Frank and he asked Frank if the conversation was being recorded, Frank replied by saying no. Weeks after the conversation was heard on radio. If you can’t find the tape, ask Margaret London. Frank is a waste of time!

The New Democratic Party supported 76 per cent of the Bill which was presented by the Unity Labour Party and Frank criticized that as well.

Mr Crick, you suffered a lot of criticism from Frank, now you think Frank is important. Frank; already made it clear how he felt about you when he said your big head is a sign of malnutrition; you need to ask him what he meant by that.

Frank is all about himself; when he can’t get things to go his way, he tries to disturb you. Frank is not an asset; he resembles a liability.

Prime Minister, I have some questions to ask: why Frank?

Mr Crick, who is the Prime Minister’s communication consultant, is Frank your best option?

Could you really trust Frank? Answer these questions.

Frank once said whenever you’re in a conversation with the Prime Minister you can only say yes and mmmmmm.

Prime Minister, maybe you should try me, Kingsley Defreitas.

Kingsley Defreitas