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June 17, 2014
Let’s talk a little politics

Tue Jun 17, 2014


Let’s talk a little politics. I believe that the upcoming general elections would be a tight one. We know that both sides are claiming victory by a large margin. However, there are some things that are important that can determine the failure or success of any of the parties.{{more}}

How the ULP handles the High Court Registrar situation will be crucial in gaining or losing votes. For, if the population, which is today more educated than before, sees that it is handled poorly by the ULP administration in terms of discipline and accountability, then it can drive away votes. Whereas, if the public perceives that it is handled fairly and without compromise, then the respect will be given to the ULP and can attract voters.

On the other hand, the response by the NDP to this situation and if they can handle it with truth, rather than supposing or failing to deal with it effectively, can definitely help the NDP in gaining votes.

Candidate selection is also important. The NDP has already selected and announced all 15 candidates. However, for the ULP, they are still in the process of official selection, confirmation and announcement of some of their candidates. The way they choose the candidate for the constituency can increase votes or decrease votes. In South Leeward, we have read of the situation that exists there, where there seems to be those who want a certain candidate over another candidate. If this situation is not handled effectively, then it can return the NDP’S candidate.

I strongly recommend that a compromise be made, where the people’s choice is given and the other candidate runs in the West Kingstown constituency. It is also important if ULP should return to office that all the candidates who offer themselves for selection and did not get selected that they put the party and country before themselves and support the selected candidate. Failure to do so can result in the candidate not winning.

The economy, foreign relationships and jobs creation, plus education and health are very important to this nation, especially the young educated persons. The NDP must be able to show a better plan in all these areas and not just criticize. The NDP must be able to convince the young populace that they love this country and not just offering talks. They must perceive to be better and would perform better and not just speak things without research and knowledge.

The performance of both sides in the house is also very important. For the ULP to regain power it must be firm on corruption and continue to perform in all areas. The representatives must be people persons, so as to regain their seats and take back those they lost.

More can be said, but it is just a little politics. Finally, we label a person a Christian or a non-Christian depending on which party he/she supports. We fail to realize that JESUS is neither a ULP nor NDP God. We expect the Christians to speak out against wrongs, but we criticize them as non-Christians if they praise the Government for the good they do.

Obviously, as Christians we ought to speak out against the evils and likewise praise the good. However, if someone talks about the good of the Government they are seen as ULP and a non-Christian. Whereas when that same person criticizes the Government, that person is seen as an NDP or cutting both sides. That person is also seen as not a Christian. No wonder the church has to be separated from politics and be silent until we, as Vincentians, change our mentality and respect each other’s choice.

In every party and government, there is good and there is also bad. We must appreciate the good, while we condemn the bad. Our blessed Lord he praised the good and criticized and condemned the bad.

May we continue to live in harmony and respect each other’s view. Let us not let politics divide us. A blessed time to all, as we rumble and tumble in politics.

Kennard King