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June 6, 2014
An open letter to the Prime Minister and Julian Francis

Fri, Jun 06, 2014

Editor: Greetings Mr Prime Minister and Mr General Secretary.

It is great disbelief and shock that we the people of South Leeward are facing.{{more}}

Mr Prime Minister, we the people of South Leeward have our right to vote for whatever candidate we want to represent us for the next five years. What is the reason for a party candidate if we don’t have that right?

Please Mr PM and general secretary, let us choose a leader and don’t give us a dictator.

Mr general secretary, do you remember when Jomo Thomas said you refused to give him a party card and Mr Prime Minister, do you remember all the things that Jomo Thomas has said and wrote about you in the newspaper? He even won a case against you. Now, tell us the reason why you gave him a senatorial position? Is it that you and the general secretary are suffering from amnesia?

Well, Mr Prime Minister, you said no “basa basa,” but if you want to play stiff headed and give us what you want and not what we need, there will be a boycott next election and South Leeward will not be coming home for you.

Mr Prime Minister, do you remember Jomo Thomas said the reason why he brought out his own party was because the ULP and the NDP are the same; what really is the motive to want to run as a candidate for the ULP now? We don’t need a next Timothy Harris in St Vincent and the Grenadines. You put aside Mr Marshall for Jerrol Thompson in North Leeward and you see what was the outcome? They calling for a new candidate. You also push out Mr Browne. We the people of South Leeward are not voting cattle. You even went as far as to make a selection behind our backs.

If Jomo Thomas said he is loyal to the ULP, why he did not wear a red shirt at the convention and why was he looking like a lost soul on the platform? Where was Jomo Thomas all the time? Even when Mr Williams was out in the storm, you said the ULP party is transparent, so why not give us the right to choose our own candidate?

Don’t take the people of South Leeward for granted. We will show you that we have power in South Leeward. We the people need a run-off to select our candidate. Why change the procedure of selecting the candidate? Has the ULP become a dictator party? In the past general elections you told us own our government; we have done that. Now we want to own South Leeward.

You had run-offs in other constituencies, why you don’t want to have one in South Leeward? What are you afraid of? We, the people of South Leeward, are dedicated and diehard labour supporters.

Are you tired? We all have a country to build. Please don’t turn back the hands of time. We, the people of South Leeward, need a proper representative and the only person that’s capable is Mr Grenville Williams. Please listen to our cry. When the false alarms were made, people in South Leeward said “NO TO JOMO.” We all say give us Williams and don’t spoon-feed us.


South Leeward ULP supporters