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May 27, 2014
Sammy’s replacement no surprise

Tue, May 27, 2014

Editor: It is not surprising that Darren Sammy was replaced as test captain. It was a long time on the cards. He was constantly being criticized for his bowling performance and many have always said that his place on the team has caused an imbalance.{{more}}

We know that there were efforts made to get rid of him out of West Indies cricket and believe you me, it will happen soon. First, he was replaced as the one-day captain last year and was left out of the one day squad, but was brought back in. Because of his success as a captain, he was retained still as the T20 captain and subsequently as a player.

Mark my word, Darren Sammy will soon be out of West Indies cricket. After all, he is from a small island. He is now permanently out of test cricket since he has retired and he will be looked at carefully in the one-day squad and criticized heavily as the T20 captain. As soon as Sammy fails to perform in a couple matches in the one-day side, he will be replaced.

It is my feeling that Keiron Pollard is being groomed to take over from Darren Sammy as the T20 captain. When that becomes a reality, we can say goodbye to Darren Sammy as player also. The Trinidadians will soon get their wishes for having the three captains from their country. Or who knows, RAMDIN might become both test and one-day captain. Either way, it will be the Trinidadians.

Now that Sammy is out of the way, let us see how the performance of the team will be. But I am certain that when things began to go wrong that Darren Sammy’s name will be called, even by the same critics. Ramdin has lost my respect since his writing on the paper in a rude way to Sir Vivian Richards. Indeed, can he command the respect of his players when he has displayed such an arrogant attitude? Time will tell.

Let me wish Darren Sammy all the best in his retirement. He has done his part and made his contributions. He has brought back the crowd to cricket. He has also brought back respectability and interest in this wonderful game of cricket.

Kennard King